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The disused power station Mitte
Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin

Duration of Exhibition
02.10. – 28.11.2010

We invited eight photographers to have a look around in Realstadt. They transformed an exhibition that neither depicts nor illustrates reality, but embodies it in unmistakable style into an illustrated narrative. What is surprising is the matter-of-fact tone in which all these pictures speak of the local conditions, plans and wishes of German cities, while at the same time appearing to be part of that autonomous, coherent urban reality that Realstadt called into being for two months at Kraftwerk Mitte.
Publication is scheduled for 13 December 2010.

Realstadt.Wünsche als Wirklichkeit / Wishes Knocking on Reality's Doors; published by: Angelika Fitz, Martin Heller; with photographs by: Tobias Gratz, Torben Höke, Philipp Horak, Paul Kranzler, Sandra Kuhne, Kay Michalak, Julia Müller-Maenher, Andrew Phelps; ISBN 978-3-033-02748-0; 27.- Euro plus packaging and postage. Please order from: